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Is Wac Corp a Sub-Zero dealer?

No. We are not affiliated with the Sub-Zero Group in any way nor are we a Sub-Zero licensed dealer. We are resellers of high-end appliances, many of which are refurbished Sub-Zero brand units. Although we occasionally obtain new, out of box, unused, or display Sub-Zero units, most of our Sub-Zero units are refurbished products which are processed in-house.

Do you have a showroom?

No.  Our products are for direct and online sales. However, merchandise may be will-called at our warehouse location during our business hours: Monday - Friday  7:00 am to 3:30 pm


Can you repair my appliance?

Sorry, but no. We are not a repair company


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Our prices reflect payment by ACH electronic check, bank wire, or Zelle. Due to increased costs we now add a 5% surcharge for credit card or debit card payments. We use Intuit software in order to provide a safe and secure ordering system.  Most credit cards can be used and processed via Quickbooks invoicing system for a quick and concise transaction.  Deposits made for products which have been invoiced and removed from our website or Ebay are not refundable

Returns & Refunds

We have a 14 day return policy from date of delivery.  However, we do not allow returns or refunds on merchandise which has been damaged or which has already been installed.  We will not refund any to-or-from shipping or delivery cost incurred. *Since our processing normally takes approximately 2-3 weeks before items can be shipped, any cancellation or request for a refund on an item which has been previously ordered and paid, or on any item which has already been shipped, will incur a 15% inconvenience  restocking fee.

​How Do I Place an Order?

Just click on the item of interest for a detailed description and add the item to your cart for check out. We use the power of Intuit's Merchant Services and Quickbooks to finalize the payment.   An email link will then be sent to you

for payment.

​Our Prices & Discounts

Our website prices are about 10% less than the same than the exact item we offer on any four of our EBay seller sites. Besides, EBay now requires and adds state sales tax to all transactions. We do not charge sales tax for items shipped outside CA.

Can you Install?

Sorry but there is no inside delivery, installation, or haul away of old unit available. Driveway drop or curbside delivery with liftgate only. You will need to locate someone who can move and install the unit. We suggest you call a local high-end appliance dealer and ask them who they use to install built-in refrigerators.

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