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Refrigerator door above, freezer drawer below. The Sub-Zero 550 Over-Under Refrigerator/Freezer gives you large-capacity refrigeration, plus generous freezer space (and an ice maker) in the two-tier pullout drawer.

  • Automatic ice maker provides an ample supply of crescent-shaped ice
  • Bright interior lighting
  • Controls for freezer and fresh food are easy to use
  • Front venting allows unit to be completely built in and serviced from the front
  • High-humidity compartment is large and deep with removable dividers and smooth sides for easy cleaning
  • Meets strict Department of energy requirements – uses less energy than a 100-watt light bulb
  • Over/ under refrigerator / freezer
  • Shallow-depth design means access is easy to any area of the refrigerator
  • Sub-Zero's dual refrigeration system ensures the freshest food and energy efficiency
  • UL approved for US and Canada
  • Electrical Requirements: 115 V AC, 60 Hz, 15-amp circuit
  • Annual Energy Usage: 481 kWh/$40 (Based on 8.29 cents per kilowatt hour)
Approximate Dimensions:
  • Height: 84" (2134 mm)
  • Width: 36" (914 mm)
  • Depth: 24" (610 mm)
    • Shipping: 662 lbs (219 kg)


As with all the Sub-Zero units we sell, this refurbished unit will come to you with a brand new factory OEM fresh food evaporator installed, normally a $1,800 repair. We use no aftermarket Chinese parts6 months parts replacement warranty included. We completely tested the unit over a month and all the functions operated as per factory specs. This left hinge, right handle, stainless steel 36" Sub-Zero.  The stainless doors appear new and have no dents or dimples, see photos below. The handles may and often have small flaws or nicks that are not shown in frontal photos.  Interior has no damage, see photos below.  Some of the clear plastic bins have some very light scuff marks here and there.  We rate the condition as very good, but not perfect, so if you require something better this item may not be for you. 
The majority of Sub-Zero units you buy will not have had their ff evaporator replaced. The Freon gas will leak out and the fresh food section will slowly get warmer until it no longer gets cold. This never happens to the freezer evaporator. This will occur on the 400, 500, 600, 700 series models. Not sure about the BI series yet because they have not been out long enough. Then, the Sub-Zero refrigerator guy will make a $80 service call to your house and he will estimate the repair at around $1,800. You can add another $800, or more if he is dishonest about the compressor being bad also, which they often do. Compressors do go out, but not that often and not at the same time. So you can assume that the majority of the Sub-Zero units being sold on EBay have NOT had the fresh food evaporator replaced AND THAT IS WHY THEY ARE BEING SOLD. You can add another $2,000 to the price you pay because the part will fail. Additionally, seldom are the stainless steel doors described accurately since most will have some type of damage. The stainless doors are about $1,100 each plus installation which can be very difficult to align. 
We have sold on Ebay for the last 22 years under four Ebay seller sites with about 4000 positive feedbacks at 100%.  As part of refurbishing, we always install a new factory OEM Sub-Zero evaporator. We only use factory OEM Sub-Zero parts ordered directly from the Sub-Zero distributor. Aftermarket parts made in China are very cheap at 70% less in cost, but they are complete junk so we will not use them. 50% of the Chinese evaporators come new already leaking since they have no quality control. The Chinese gaskets are too hard and will not fit correctly, so the doors will not close easily, etc.


Only what is shown in the photos will come with the unit. All items is only sold "as is" per listed description and photos. We do not inspect products with a magnifying glass so none of our units will be 100% perfect. Please see all photos and read all the terms and refund policy

prior to buying.  All our items are professional packaged by us and wood crated at no extra charge - for safe and damage free shipping.  We are not a licensed retailer.


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$4,195.00 Regular Price
$3,995.00Sale Price
    • Buyer agrees to accept shipment of item purchased.  Buyer understands and agrees to not refuse the shipment and if buyer does refuse or does not accept the shipment, buyer agrees to pay all shipping costs involved in shipping the item to the buyer and return shipping cost back to our warehouse.  These shipping costs will not be refunded to the buyer for any reason and buyer agrees to these terms when buying this item, including a 15% restocking convenience fee on any returns regardless of the reason or on an item which has been previously paid for and scheduled with a ship date, whether it has shipped or not. All shipping dates are only estimates as stated on the invoice and these dates may vary depending on our processing of your order and the trucking companies backlog. We only accept returns within 14 days of delivery and we will not accept returns that have been damaged in any way or previously installed. Any returned item must be returned & secured in the original crate/packaging. Buyer must fully and completely inspect the merchandise prior to signing carrier's acceptance form.  Buyer is responsible to file any shipping claims with the carrier and understands that ship dates are only approximate estimates.  Buyer understands and agrees that this merchandise is being offered "as is" and with no warranty, other than the above 14 days return policy. Please read complete return policy under the FAQ page.


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