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Refrigerator door above, freezer drawer below. The Sub-Zero 650 Stainless Steel Over-Under Refrigerator/Freezer gives you large-capacity refrigeration, plus generous freezer space (and an ice maker) in the two-tier pullout drawer.

LIST PRICE $10,275 


Front venting allows unit to be completely built in and serviced from the front

Meets strict Department of energy requirements – uses less energy than a 100-watt light bulb

UL approved for US and Canada

Star-K Kosher certified as Sabbath and holiday-compliant

Design Features

Over/ under refrigerator

Sub-Zero's dual refrigeration system ensures the freshest food and energy efficiency

Shallow-depth design means access is easy to any area of the refrigerator

Electronic controls are up front and easy to use

High-humidity compartment is large and deep with removable dividers and smooth sides for easy cleaning

A door alarm will let you know with an audible beeping if your refrigerator or freezer door is left ajar

Automatic ice maker provides an ample supply of crescent-shaped ice

Bright interior lighting

  • Capacity:
    • Refrigerator Capacity: 15.7 cu ft (445 L)
    • Freezer Capacity: 4.9 cu ft (139 L)
  • Electrical Requirements: 115 V AC, 60 Hz, 15-amp circuit
  • Annual Energy Usage: 481 kWh/$40 (Based on 8.29 cents per kilowatt hour)
Approximate Dimensions:
  • Height: 84" (2134 mm)
  • Width: 36" (914 mm)
  • Depth: 24" (610 mm)
  • Door Swing Clearance: 36-1/16" (916 mm)
Approximate Weight:
  • Shipping: 660 lbs


As with all the Sub-Zero units we sell, this refurbished unit will come to you with a brand new factory OEM fresh food evaporator already installed, normally a $2,000 repair.  Also, included is a 6 month parts replacement warranty. We completely tested the unit over a month and all the functions operated as per factory specs. This is a refurbished RIGHT hinge stainless steel Sub-Zero 650/S. Both stainless doors look great with no obvious dings, dents, or scratches. May have a few light scuffs on the bottom freezer door, but no damage. Interior looks great and any tiny flaws will be shown in below photos. Some of the clear plastic bins and glass shelves may have some very light scuff marks here and there.  We rate the condition as excellent, but it is not 100% perfect brand new in box, so if you require something better then may be this unit is not for you.  The list price for the new model is about $11,275.  The manuals can be downloaded from the above factory links.  The item is sold only as shown in the below photos, regardless of the factory description, so please scroll down the page to view 20 photos to see exactly what you will receive - nothing more, nothing less.  
Only what is shown in the below photos will come with the unit.  Item is only sold "as is" per listed description and photos. Please scroll down to the very bottom of the auction see the 24 photos and read all the terms, prior to buying.  All our items are professional packaged by us and wood crated at no extra charge - for safe and damage free shipping.  We are not a licensed retailer.

Attention Sub-Zero Buyers:

As you can research on the internet, Sub-Zero Series 400, 500, 600, 700 models have defective and leaking fresh food evaporators installed from the factory when sold as new. Many units being resold already have this leak, but before the unit is sold they are filled with some Freon gas so they appear to work correctly. The refrigerator will operate correctly for a week to several months, before the gas leaks out, then it will no longer get cold. The freezer will still work fine. 
So, unless the unit you purchase a unit with a replaced evaporator and it has a sticker attached saying so, chances are that refrigerator has not had this part replaced. The part has a 99% failure rate and will fail, resulting in a $2,000 repair cost. And then, ONLY a Sub-Zero factory evaporator should be used for the replacement, since the Chinese aftermarket part has a 50% failure rate right out of the box. All our Series 400, 500 & 600 Sub-Zero units have replaced evaporators and we will not sell those models if it still has the original factory evaporator installed. As part of our refurbishing process, all units have new OEM Sub-Zero factory evaporators replaced by our licensed refrigerant technicians.


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